Adding a CV-IN jack for the VCA
DISCLAIMER : Any modification to any MiniBrute will immediately void its warranty. Arturia or any of its affiliates will not accept responsibility for any damages, personal loss or injury that may result from any modification to the device. Should you apply any of the hacks and modifications described on this site, your own responsability alone is engaged.

A modification of your MicroBrute to control the VCA volume with an external control voltage. This modification was made for Coralie Ehinger (and made by Xewin) to control her MicroBrute with a Theremin.

On the PCB of the Microbrute find either the test points labelled TP10 and TP11.
Now come the difficult part : drill a hole at the back of the Microbrute in order to install a 1/8" jack socket. First, you must be aware that this will void your warranty. Do this only if you are sure of your crafting skills.

Next, secure the jack socket to the PCB and solder to wires to the jack socket, solder the wire connected to the ground lug of the socket to one of the Ground pad available on the PCB. Solder the wire connected to the tip lug of the socket to one either TP10 or TP11, and you're done.